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FW: Publications, Tools, Learning, Funding and Extras

Numerous publications, tools and grants for rural health and related issues!!


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Collective Action for Community Development , Community Investments Volume 26, Issue 1

Realizing that disconnected silo-based efforts cannot effectively address these interrelated conditions on their own, innovators within the community development field have increasingly experimented with a different approach that speaks to linked community challenges. In this emerging approach, professionals from different but related community development sectors work together in a multi-sector coalition toward a common goal with an aim to holistically improve conditions for a group of people, neighborhood, or region. This approach is referred to as cross-sector community development, collective action, systems-level change, or collective impact, among other names. This issue of Community Investments explores this emerging approach and lifts up early learnings from pioneers in the field. The articles discuss how to establish and grow collective action leadership organizations and working groups and build a strong but flexible initiative framework; consider how government can be an effective partner in collective action work; and convey the critical role of data and measurement in these initiatives. We also examine some early examples of collective action initiatives in practice.  


Fed Chair Yellen: Fed Will Continue to Support Labor Market - Because the labor market remains weak by historical standards, the central bank needs to continue some of its "extraordinary steps" to spur the economy, said Fed Chair Janet Yellen in a recent speech. Financial Update provides highlights of her remarks.


Expert Explores Behavioral Economics as Policy Tool - Behavioral economics—a mix of economics and psychology—studies why people sometimes make irrational financial decisions. At an Atlanta Fed Public Affairs Forum, Professor Glenn Harrison discussed the benefits and challenges of applying behavioral economics to public policy.


Addressing the Health Care Needs of Rural Veterans: A Guide for State Offices of Rural Health - A manual for state offices of rural health to help them address the health care needs of rural veterans. Resources include information about the Veterans Health Administration and the VA Office of Rural Health programs focused on rural veterans, statistics and facts about the health care needs of rural veterans, and suggested activities SORHs may participate in to support the health care needs of rural veterans. Organization: National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health. Date: 01 / 2014

Reducing Rural Suicide
Outlines how psychologists are finding innovative ways to reach out to people in isolated communities with specific mention of Native American and Veteran communities. Organization: American Psychological Association. Date: 04 / 2014. Journal: APA Monitor on Psychology Volume: 45 Issue: 4

Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE): 2012 Highlights
Selected data and maps of health insurance coverage based on the 2012 Small Area Health Insurance Estimates. Maps show county-level data on uninsured adults, children, and uninsured by income level. Includes maps showing changes in uninsured rates from 2008 to 2012. Organization: U.S. Census Bureau. Date: 2014


Strategies for Behavioral Health Organizations to Promote New Health Insurance Opportunities: In American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
Provides outreach and enrollment strategies for organizations to use when introducing health insurance options to American Indian and Alaska Native communities.
Organization: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Date: 03 / 2014


Tribal Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Program Evaluation: Interim Report
Introduces the five Tribal Health Profession Opportunity Grants grantee programs and provides initial evaluation results related to program structure, program processes, and education and employment outcomes. Organization: Administration for Children and Families. Date: 03 / 2014




Guide Offers Tools to Shift Spending Toward Local Businesses - The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) has developed a new guide to help independent business owners, localist advocates, and local officials promote local business and community wealth building. The guide outlines strategies to build successful “Buy Local” campaigns that encourage consumers to shop at locally owned stores. It includes tips and resources for campaign content development, message framing, targeted marketing, and execution. Read More»


HUD’s The Rural Gateway, resource mini pages are live at





NEWMAN'S OWN Awards Program recognizes volunteer and nonprofit organizations supporting U.S. military families. Eligible applicants must be comprised primarily of volunteers or be nonprofit organizations, and be working with the families of Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve units and/or veterans. Deadline: 4/23/2014. Click here for application guidelines and to apply online.


American Dental Association Invites Applications for Community Leadership Development Institute  - DEADLINE: APRIL 29, 2014

Grants will be awarded to enable recipients to take part in the annual Give Kids A Smile Community Leadership Development Institute....


The MARY KAY Foundation is offering grants to nonprofits that aid female victims of domestic violence. Deadline: 4/30/2014. Click here for application guidelines and to apply.


President Obama Announces American Apprenticeship Grants

On April 16, 2014, the President and Vice President announced new federal investments using existing funds to support job-driven training, like apprenticeships, that will expand partnerships with industry, businesses, unions, community colleges, and training organizations to train workers in the skills they need. Employers, unions, and foundations are joining these efforts with new commitments to support job-driven training.

Expanding Apprenticeships for Good Middle Class Jobs. The Department of Labor is making $100 million in existing H-1B funds available for American Apprenticeship Grants to reward partnerships that help more workers participate in apprenticeships. This competition will help more Americans access this proven path to employment and the middle class: 87 percent of apprentices are employed after completing their programs and the average starting wage for apprenticeship graduates is over $50,000.  The new American Apprenticeship Grants competition – which will be launched in the fall – will focus on partnerships between employers, labor organizations, training providers, community colleges, local and state governments, the workforce system, non-profits and faith-based organizations that:

  • Launch apprenticeship models in new, high-growth fields: Many fast-growing occupations and industries with open positions, such as in information technology, high-tech services, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing, have an opportunity to adopt and adapt apprenticeship programs, to meet their skilled workforce needs.
  • Align apprenticeships to pathways for further learning and career advancement: Apprenticeships that embed industry-recognized skills certifications or reward workplace learning with college credit provide an affordable educational pathway for those who need to earn while they learn, and apprenticeships linked to pre-apprenticeship programs can help more Americans access this training and get on an early pathway to a good career.
  • Scale apprenticeship models that work: Across the country, there are pockets of excellence in apprenticeship, but all too often these successful models are unknown in other regions or to other employers. These grants will build from strength and invest in innovations and strategies to scale apprenticeships – including to market the value of apprenticeships, make them more attractive to women and other Americans who have been underrepresented, increase the return on investment for workers and, or build national and regional partnerships to expand apprenticeships.

See the Fact Sheet, FAQ and for more details.


American Planning Association’s Community Planning Assistance Team Initiative Now Open for Applications

The American Planning Association is now accepting applications for its Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) initiative.  The CPAT pairs multidisciplinary teams of expert planning professionals from around the country with community members and decision makers to foster community education, engagement, and empowerment.  Communities facing a range of challenges including, but not limited to, social equity and affordability, economic development, sustainability, consensus building, and urban design are well-suited for assistance through the program.  Projects focus on localities with a demonstrated need for assistance, where planning resources and expertise may not otherwise be available.  Expert teams are selected for the specific expertise needed on the project and offer pro bono assistance in developing a framework or vision plan that promotes a sustainable, livable, economically vibrant, and healthy community.  The CPAT initiative is accepting applications through June 5 from communities seeking planning-related assistance.  A $50 application fee is required.  Click here for more information, to download the application, and to read about past CPAT assistance projects.  Email with questions.  


National Arts Strategies Seeks Applications for 2014 Creative Community Fellowships - DEADLINE: MAY 7, 2014

Led by experts and leaders in social innovation, design thinking, and creative placemaking, fellows will gain the tools, skills, and networks needed to activate an idea that transforms their communities....


Hillman Foundation Accepting Proposals for Innovations in Care Program - DEADLINE: MAY 1, 2014. Grants of up to $600,000 will be awarded in support of innovations that provide care to vulnerable populations, including the economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, and other groups that encounter barriers to accessing quality health care....


NEA’s Challenge America Fast-Track Program Open for Applications

The National Endowment for the Arts’ Challenge America Fast-Track (CAFT) category of funding provides support to small and mid-sized organizations for projects that extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations—those whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or disability.  This funding supports focused, distinct projects that take place over limited periods of time and in limited geographic areas.  The involvement of professionally trained, experienced artists and arts professionals is essential.  Each applicant must present a simple, straightforward project that reflects only one of two project types—engagement or livability projects.  Engagement projects engage the public with diverse and excellent art and can include arts events featuring guest artists, the development of professionally directed public art projects, and the unified promotion of community-wide arts activities.  Livability projects strengthen communities through the arts and include design activities for new or existing cultural facilities or civic spaces.  

CAFT grants are for a fixed amount of $10,000 and require a minimum $10,000 match.  Nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) U.S. organizations; units of state or local government; or federally-recognized tribal communities or tribes may apply.  The application deadline is May 8.  Click here for application instructions, the recording of a webinar on the program, and project examples.  With questions, contact the Challenge America Fast-Track Specialists at or 202.682.5700.


Housing Counseling Training Program - Application deadline: May 5, 2014
Funds for training activities designed to improve the quality of counseling provided by housing counselors. Sponsor: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training for Professionals - Application deadline: Jun 3, 2014
Awards funding to colleges and universities to support pre-degree internships and field placements for students pursuing careers in certain behavioral health careers. Special consideration will be given to programs that provide information and education dissemination to rural and medically underserved areas. Sponsor: Bureau of Health Professions


Colonias Needs Assessment - Technical Assistance and Training Grant Program - Application deadline: Jun 3, 2014
Awards funding to identify and address small communities’ gaps in water and wastewater infrastructure development and in technical capacity in the Mexico Border region. Sponsor: USDA Rural Development


Regional Partnership Grants to Increase the Well-Being of, and to Improve the Permanency Outcomes for, Children Affected by Substance Abuse - Application deadline: Jun 10, 2014. Funding for collaborative regional partnerships that provide activities and services designed to increase the well-being, improve permanency outcomes, and enhance the safety of children and families experiencing substance use disorders. Sponsor: Administration for Children and Families


National Health Service Corps Recruitment and Retention Assistance - Application deadline: Jun 16, 2014
Provides recruitment and retention assistance to healthcare facilities located in a Health Professional Shortage Area. Sponsor: National Health Service Corps


Healthy Environments - Application deadline: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Funding to improve the health and well being of vulnerable children from low-income families by making the places they live, learn, and play safe and supportive of overall good health. Sponsor: Kresge Foundation


Drucker Institute Invites Applications for 2014 Award for Nonprofit Innovation -DEADLINE: JULY 1, 2014

The award, which includes an unrestricted cash prize of $100,000, recognizes an existing program that has made a difference in the lives of the people it serves....


Ribbons of Hope—Invest in Women Seeks Applications From Organizations That Benefit Women and Girls - DEADLINE: JULY 1, 2014

A single grant of $100,000 will be awarded to an organization that promotes the well-being and future prospects of women and girls....


Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Invite Applications for Quality of Life Grants - DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 2, 2014

The foundation will award grants to organizations working to help disabled individuals, their families, and caregivers in ways that more immediately give them increased independence....


American Psychological Foundation Seeks Applications for Pearson Early Career Program - DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31, 2014

One grant of $12,000 will be awarded to encourage an early career psychology researcher to devote his or her career to underserved populations....


Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants Program-SGA-DFA-PY-13-10

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA), U.S. Department of Labor (DOL, or the Department), announces the availability of approximately $450 million in grant funds authorized for the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Program.

The TAACCCT program seeks to increase the number of workers who attain certificates, degrees, and other industry-recognized credentials, helping to meet President Obama's college graduation goal of increasing the percentage of adults with a post-secondary credential by 2020. The overarching goals of the program are to: (1) increase attainment of degrees, certifications, certificates, diplomas, and other industry-recognized credentials that match the skills needed by employers to better prepare workers eligible for training under the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Workers Program ("TAA-eligible workers") of chapter 2 of title II of the Trade Act of 1974, 19 U.S.C. 2271-2323, and other adults for high-wage, high-skill employment or re-employment in growth industry sectors; (2) introduce or replicate innovative and effective methods for designing and delivering instruction that address specific industry needs and lead to improved learning, completion, and other outcomes for TAA-eligible workers and other adults; and (3) demonstrate improved employment outcomes.

The Department intends to make grant awards to eligible single institution applicants in all states ranging from approximately $2,260,000 to $2,500,000, up to a total of approximately $150 million. Under this SGA, DOL intends to make approximately 15 to 25 grant awards to consortia of eligible institutions, up to a total of approximately $300 million in grant awards to consortium applicants. The Department will provide two tiers of funding for consortium grant awards, based on the number of institutions in the consortium.





1.       Promise Zone, Draft 2nd Round Application Materials - The public comment period on draft application materials will be open until June 16, 2014.

·         Federal Register Notice

·         Draft Application Guide - Urban

·         Draft Application Guide - Rural and Tribal

·         FAQs (Updated 4/11/2014)


2.       The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) National Council is requesting letters of interest from all conservation corps, youth, and veteran programs that would like to be identified as a 21CSC member organization. USDA’s Forest Service is initiating this outreach in order to catalyze the establishment of a 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) to engage young Americans and returning veterans in the conservation and stewardship of America public lands and water.


Through an April 11, 2014 FEDERAL REGISTER notice, USDA’s Forest Service announced it seeks to “establish the 21CSC by building upon and leveraging the experience and expertise of existing Federal, State, tribal, local and non-profit conservation and youth corps, and veterans programs, which facilitate conservation and restoration service work on public lands to include all governmental entities of cities, counties, States, and the Federal Government, and encourage a new generation of natural resource managers and environmental stewards.”


This notice is being published by the USDA Forest Service on behalf of the National Council. 21CSC member organizations recognized through this process will be acknowledged by all members' departments and agencies represented in the National Council. National Council membership includes the Departments of Agriculture, Army, Commerce, Interior, and Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency, the President's Council on Environmental Quality, and the Corporation for National and Community Service.


All principals of interested organizations are invited to submit a letter of interest that outlines the organization's and/or program's alignment with the criteria in each of the eight 21CSC principles (see inset box). Letters should include the name of your organization; an address and point of contact, including email address; and a description of how your organization or program aligns with all eight principles. Organizations that respond to this request may be contacted to provide additional information to support their statements.


The 21CSC National Council will oversee the review of all submissions to determine the respondent's alignment with the 21CSC principles.  Organizations that are not recognized as 21CSC member organizations may submit new letters of interest. Letters of interest may be submitted up to one year after the closing date of this notice for consideration as a 21CSC member organization, and will be reviewed and responded to on a quarterly basis (October, January, April, and July).  More …





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FW: Environmental Law Enforcement Training - Save the Date - April 25th, Courthouse, Pryor

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From: Malley, Lynn
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Subject: Environmental Law Enforcement Training - Save the Date - April 25th, Courthouse, Pryor
Importance: High


Greetings, All!


We will be having an Environmental Law Enforcement Training on April 25th from 9:30 til 5 at the Courthouse in Pryor, OK. As many of you know, while these trainings carry CLEET credit for officers, we welcome all with an interest in keeping our land and waterways clean!


I’ve attached an sample agenda from a previous training.  This one will be similar.  The trainings are free and there is a $10 charge for lunch and snacks.  Registration will be live online at the website below early next week if not before.  Registration is due by April 21st so that we can order enough food and materials.  More details will be sent out to all who register by the 21st. Registration will be limited to 30.


We have sponsored one training in the SW part of the state this year and will probably have another in one of the other quadrants.  Please share this with any you think may be interested. 


I look forward to seeing you at one of these important trainings!


Lynn Malley


Lynn M. Malley

Assistant State Extension Specialist

Solid Waste Management

Department of Agricultural Economics

Oklahoma State University

536 Agriculture Hall

Stillwater OK  74078-6026 




Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday 15 - Live Chats with Entrepreneurs - April 4th - 11:15 a.m. CT

Please share this event with any clients/constituents who might benefit from engaging in dialogue with other entrepreneurs!


(The event is FREE and will last only 15 minutes!)


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Subject: FW: REMINDER - Friday 15 - Live Chats with Entrepreneurs - April 4th - 11:15 a.m. CT



Join us for the inaugural event – Entrepreneurs Supporting Entrepreneurs!


Friday 15 - beginning April 4

Live Chats with Entrepreneurs

Spread the word!! Help for business owners - A new offering from Entrepreneurs and Their Communities eXtension COP!  PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORKS and entrepreneurs


Where do you get answers to your questions?

For business owners getting sound proven information is often hard to find. Taking time away from the business takes planning and is costly.

With that in mind, we want invite you to a new program:

Friday 15 – Live Chats with entrepreneurs who are willing to share their story!  

Register at: Connection information will be shared once you register! 

This is an opportunity to share and learn while networking with other business owners. Just 15 minutes in length and you can stay in your office.

These will happen on the first Friday of each month.  If you have a business owner who would be good, please share with Connie Hancock, UNL Extension | | 308-254-4455


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