Monday, June 11, 2012

Opportunities and issues associated with Latino business development webinar

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Greetings all --  This Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 2:00pm (ET); 1:00pm(CT); 12:00pm (MT); 11:00am (PT) we will be concluding our 2011/2012 webinar season with Timorthy Boritch, Ph.D and Himar Hernandez of the Iowa State University Extension Community and Economic Development as we examines the issues related to the financing and technical assistance needs of underserved entrepreneurs. Many regions of the US are experiencing growing immigrant populations in non-metro communities.  Entrepreneurs from these groups appear to lack strong social and business ties to the traditional sources of business finance and technical assistance. Similarly bankers, technical assistance providers and others may be unaware of the economic potential of these entrepreneurs and be missing key opportunities in reaching them and providing services effectively. The North Central program is working to help assess these issues and offer guidance in how the financing and technical assistance needs of the under-served entrepreneur might be met..  To join the session go to about 10 minutes prior to the start time. At the login screen use the "Enter as Guest" option and type your full name into the box and click "Enter Room" to join the conference.

This webinar will focus upon the opportunities and issues associated with Latino business development and entrepreneurship.  Himar and Tim will discuss many of the emerging issues associated with the growth of the Hispanic population in the Midwest and the concurrent growth of Latino businesses.  Drawing upon both a) a recent roundtable session between some of the region’s Federal Reserve staff and Extension faculty, b) community focus groups conducted through Federal Reserve, and the experiences of Extension programming focused upon Latino business and community development in Iowa, a series of suggested programmatic directions will be articulated.  Input into the continuing regional study will be solicited of webinar participants.

No pre-registration is required and there is no fee to participate. About 10 minutes prior to the start time simply go the Adobe Connect Pro meeting room at You will be presented with a login screen that has an "Enter as Guest" option. Enter your full name then click "Enter Room" to join the conference. You will be able to hear the audio directly from your computer’s speakers.

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