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FW: Publications, Tools, Funding And Notice to Tribal Leaders

From our colleagues at USDA-RD; of particular interest are the housing resources and funding for Individual Development Accounts!


From: Agans, Suzette - RD, Washington, DC [mailto:Suzette.Agans@wdc.usda.gov]
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2013 8:04 AM
Subject: Publications, Tools, Funding And Notice to Tribal Leaders




HUD has published a guide to combining the HOME and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Guidebook. The book addresses compliance with the requirements of both programs. Get a free copy here.


State Fact Sheets - The ERS State Fact Sheets provide information on population, income, poverty, food security, education, employment, federal funds, organic agriculture, farm characteristics, farm financial indicators, top commodities, and exports, for each State in the United States. The State Fact Sheets have been updated with 2007-11 education levels from the American Community Survey; 2011 poverty rates; and 2011 per capita income, earning per job, and number of jobs. Links to county-level data are included when available.




Immigrant Worker Owned Cooperatives: A User's Manual provides information to immigrant communities about how to create, finance, manage and grow worker cooperatives. Written by Minsun Ji of El Centro Humanitario and Tony Robinson of the University of Colorado, Denver, the manual gets into the nitty-gritty of organizing and managing a cooperative. Click here to get a copy.  


The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) has published a Native American homelessness toolkit that highlights steps, tools and methods that can be used by American Indian, Alaska Native and Hawaiian Home Lands communities to obtain accurate counts of homelessness. Get a copy here.  


Shelterforce highlighted community-driven art projects in a recent article and says they are helping to define and reshape neighborhood spaces in Philadelphia. Groups across the city are increasingly using art to create and animate neighborhood spaces that reflect shared community values, aspirations and identity. And, in many cases, art can be a lasting community organizing tool. Read the article here.


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has published a report on how banks can participate in Healthy Food initiatives. The report describes how national banks and federal savings associations are helping to finance projects that bring fresh produce and healthy food choices to underserved, low-income neighborhoods. Read more here.  


The Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank has published a “Nonprofit Executive Succession-Planning Toolkit”. The toolkit is free and is designed for nonprofit boards of directors and executive leaders to effectively implement succession planning and overcome barriers. To get the toolkit, click here.





THE HOME DEPOT COMMUNITY IMPACTS GRANT PROGRAM is offering grants to nonprofit organizations, public schools and public service agencies in the U.S. that are using the power of volunteers to improve the physical health of their communities. Priority is given to projects for veterans that include housing repairs, modifications and weatherization work. Grants of up to $5,000 are made in the form of The Home Depot gift cards for the purchase of tools, materials or services. Applications will be accepted from 2/1/13 through 8/13/13. Visit the Home Depot website here to submit an online application.


METLIFE FOUNDATION AND THE LOCAL INITIATIVES SUPPORT CORPORATION (LISC) are partnering to recognize, sustain and share the work of innovative partnerships between community groups and police to promote neighborhood safety and revitalization. Through this awards program, MetLife Foundation and LISC will identify and honor partnerships that exhibit tangible accomplishments in their efforts to advance the process, outcome and/or evaluation of potent police-community collaborations. Eligible applicants must be member organizations of partnerships that include, but need not be limited to, community organizations and police. Deadline: 3/17/2013. Click here for an application.


THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is offering funding to nonprofit and public agencies to increase the availability of civil and criminal legal assistance necessary to provide effective aid to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or sexual assault. Deadline to apply: 3/19/2013. Click here for more information and to apply.

THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES is offering grants through The Assets for Independence Demonstration Program that provides support for community-based organizations to offer Individual Development Accounts, financial education and related services to low-income individuals and families to help them accumulate savings and invest in appreciating assets such as a first home, small business or higher education or training. The application deadlines are 3/25/2013 and 5/24/2013. Click here to learn more.  


THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is also offering grant funds to nonprofits, public agencies, states, Indian Tribes and local governments to enhance the safety of victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking by supporting projects uniquely designed to address and prevent these crimes in rural jurisdictions. Deadline: 3/26/2013. Click here for an application.


THE eWOMENNETWORK FOUNDATION is accepting grant proposals from nonprofit organizations working to improve the emotional and financial well-being of women and children. The foundation awards individual grants of $6,000 to small entrepreneurial organizations working to address the health, wellness and/or safety of underprivileged women and/or children. Eligible organizations must have been in existence for more than three years and have an annual budget between $25,000 and $1 million. Deadline: 3/31/2013. Click here to visit the website and get an application.


LAND O'LAKES FOUNDATION is accepting applications for projects that benefit rural communities. Grants will be awarded to organizations working to address hunger, youth education, and arts and culture in rural communities. Deadlines for 2013: 4/1, 7/1 and 10/1. For more information and an application, click here.


THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR is offering grants through the The National Farmworker Jobs Program that provide support for training, employment services, and related assistance to increase economic opportunities for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their dependents. Deadline: 4/2/2013. Click here to apply.  


THE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Health Resources and Services Administration is offering grants to rural nonprofit and public agencies to support formal rural health networks that focus on activities relating to the recruitment, education, training and retention of Heathcare Information Technology specialists. Deadline: 4/15/2013. For guidelines and an application, click here.


THE US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE is accepting proposals for the Farm to School program. This year, three different kinds of grants will be available. Planning grants are intended for schools just getting started on farm to school activities, while implementation grants are available for schools seeking to augment or expand existing efforts. Additionally, eligible nonprofit entities, Indian tribal organizations, state and local agencies, and agriculture producers or groups of producers may apply for support service grants to conduct trainings, create complementary curriculum or further develop supply chains, among other activities. Deadline: 4/24/2013. A series of webinars is planned to guide applications. Click here for more information.  


THE ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES is offering grants to Indian Tribes to develop, and within 24 months of grant receipt, submit to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) a plan to implement a title IV-E foster care, adoption assistance and, at Tribal option, guardianship assistance program. Deadline: 5/14/2013. Click here to learn more about this program.


American Kennel Club Humane Fund Invites Applications from Women's Shelters that Permit Pets
Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded for essential operational support related to the housing of pets or capital improvements specifically for the housing and maintenance of pets.... Deadline: May 15, August 15, November 15, February 15, annually


Target Accepting Applications for K-12 Arts Education Programs - Grants will support programs that enhance the K-12 curricula by bringing the arts and cultural experiences into the classroom.... Deadline: April 30, annually


ESA Foundation Seeks Proposals for Youth-Oriented Tech/Computer Game Projects - Projects must benefit American youth between the ages of 7 and 18 and utilize technology and/or computer and video games for educational purposes.... Deadline: May 15, 2013


Kellogg Foundation Invites Applications for Programs that Engage Youth and Communities in Learning Opportunities
Grants will be awarded to organizations working to promote ideas about how to engage children and youth in learning and new ways to bring together community-based systems that promote learning.... Deadline: Open


Crayola Invites Proposals from Elementary Schools for 2013 Creative Leadership Grants - Grants of $2,500, plus Crayola supplies, will be awarded to elementary schools to build leadership teams that work to increase arts-infused education in and out of school.... Deadline: June 21, 2013


Cigna Foundation Invites Applications for Health Promotion Projects - The foundation provides funding to nonprofits working to promote wellness, expand opportunities, develop leaders, and strengthen community cohesiveness, particularly in communities where Cigna employees live and work....
Deadline: Open


Hitachi Foundation Seeks Applications for Young Entrepreneurs Program - Grants support young entrepreneurs whose businesses work to alleviate domestic poverty.... Deadline: March 28, 2013


Safeway Foundation Invites Applications From Nonprofit Organizations - Grants will support programs in the areas of hunger relief, education, health and human services, and/or assisting people with disabilities.... Deadline: Open


Gerber Foundation Seeks Proposals for Pediatric Research Projects
The foundation supports health and/or nutrition-related research projects designed to improve health, nutrition, and developmental outcomes for infants and young children....Deadline: June 1, 2013 (Concept Papers)


Fisher House Foundation Seeks Proposals for 2013 Newman's Own Awards to Support Service Members and Their Families
Grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to recognize and support innovative programs that improve the quality of life of active duty, Reserve, and National Guard and their families.... Deadline: May 1, 2013




USDA Rural Development Tribal Pre-Consultation Briefing, Wednesday, March 20, 2012 - 3:00 PM EDT

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Dear Tribal Leader,


USDA Rural Development has scheduled its next quarterly Tribal Consultation Webinar/Teleconference for 3:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, April 17th.  In an effort to make sure Tribal communities and businesses have increasing access to capital, we will be focusing this cycle of Tribal Consultation on Rural Development’s business revolving loan programs.  We have made a few policy adjustments over the last year that we would like to draw to your attention. We also encourage additional insights from Tribal leaders on these changes and perhaps changes we have not yet contemplated. For example, these two Administrative Notices have been issued in the last six-months providing further program guidance to our staff:


·         Revolving Loan Fund Programs Ultimate Recipient  Conflict of Interest, September 16, 2012



·         Intermediary Relending Program Processing and Servicing Clarifications, December 3, 2012



In preparation for the Quarterly Tribal Consultation event, USDA Rural Development will host a pre-consultation briefing webinar/teleconference on Wednesday, March 20th at 3:00 PM EST to walk through the Intermediary Relending Program (IRP) and the Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) Program and associated policy enhancements.   Our goal is to provide Tribal leaders with briefing materials and ample time to work with Tribal staff to better inform the consultation and prepare to provide comments on April 17th.


Instructions for accessing the webinars are included below. If you’d like to join strictly by phone, both events can be accessed by dialing: 1-800-981-3173 and using the participant code: 4248.  Another email will be distributed by March 15th that will include a pre-consultation briefing document to help you further prepare. As materials are prepared and updated they will be posted at: http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/SupportDocuments/AI_ANConsultation.pdf.


Please direct any questions or concerns to Tedd Buelow, USDA Rural Development’s Native American Coordinator, at 720-544-2911 or tedd.buelow@wdc.usda.gov.



USDA Rural Development Quarterly Tribal Consultation

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 3:00 PM EDT

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