Thursday, May 30, 2013

Local Investment Strategies webinar series

Sorry to bombard your inboxes this morning!! I've been out of the office for 2 weeks, and I'm just now cleaning out my mailbox. This should be one of the final emails I send to the listserve.

Wealth Creation and Rural Livelihoods (WCRL) formed out of a national conference held in the fall of 2011. It currently serves as a social network platform for sharing information and resources about and related to wealth creation in rural America. To access the site, you will need to register – which is free and painless! (Your contact information will not be sold or shared.) I would encourage you to check out the opportunities mentioned below, specifically, regarding local investment strategies.


Greetings WCRL Members!

Welcome to the Wealth Creation and Rural Livelihoods News Update. This weekly email update will alert you to new opportunities and recent activities on Just a quick note - the links below will take you directly to new posts on the website as long as you are already logged in. If you aren't logged in, you'll be asked to do so first when you click on the links below.

  • Register now for the June WCRL webinar - Thursday, June 20, 1-2 pm ET - Community Capital Raising - Tools for Investing Local. Jenny Kassan, Cutting Edge Capital, and Dan Rosenberg, Real Pickles, will share information and real experience with raising local dollars. To register, click here. Please share the link with your networks!
  • And, we'll continue the investment theme with the September 26th webinar on crowdsourcing, presented by Drew Tulchin, Social Enterprise Associates. Please note that the WCRL webinar series will take a summer break in July and August. But, if you want to organize a webinar during those months, please email with your ideas.
  • Check out Carol Kline's post on an upcoming conference on Linking Rural and Urban Societies and Economies.
  • May's Place-Based Branding webinar was very interesting and well attended. Check out the Webinars page for a link to a pdf of the webinar slides and the webinar recording. If you'd like to read the full report on which the webinar was based, click here.

That's all for this week! Keep an eye on for more resources and opportunities in the coming weeks.

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