Thursday, April 14, 2016

2 webinar opportunities

Below are two separate webinar opportunities that might benefit you and/or your community. The first is about using social media and is FREE; the second is about rural job creation strategies and costs $20 (but can be shared with local audiences after the live webinar is completed).


Webinar Details

Title: “The State of New-Media Marketing in the Green Industry and Implications for Small, Rural Businesses” 

Date: Thursday April 21, 2016

Time: 12:30 PM ET/11:30 AM CT


Webinar Description:

Small, agricultural businesses often struggle with the challenges of marketing successfully. Our research indicates that green industry businesses (garden centers, nurseries, landscape, etc.) tend to focus on traditional methods of marketing and lack a comprehensive understanding of how to go about using new online marketing venues effectively. This webinar will share the results of a nationwide survey conducted in Fall 2015 to understand the current state of green-industry marketing, particularly as it relates to new-media marketing efforts. Businesses based in rural areas, particularly those that interact directly with consumers, will benefit from learning how the green industry is making use of these new tools. The presenters will offer implications for other small, rural businesses. 


About Our Presenters:

Dr. Cheryl R. Boyer is an associate professor and extension specialist, ornamental nursery crops and garden centers, at Kansas State University.

Dr. Lauri Baker is an associate professor, agricultural communications, at Kansas State University.

Dr. Hikaru Hanawa Peterson is a professor, food marketing and consumer economics, at the University of Minnesota.


To access the free webinar (registration is not necessary):

On Thursday April 21st, go to: and select “Enter as a Guest” and type your name or organization in the box below. You will then be directed to the NCRCRD Innovations in Agriculture Adobe Connect page. Currently, a flyer for the upcoming webinar is posted on the page.


This webinar is part of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) continuing series “Innovations in Agriculture and Rural Development.”

Previous webinars are available at:


Webinars feature technology and development opportunities from the 12 North Central land-grants and all our webinars are free to anyone interested. Our primary goal is to help disseminate information regarding new innovations in agriculture. Our secondary goal is to help generate potential intermediate/end user feedback regarding technologies and opportunities. This is a great platform for private industry to connect with university researchers and, in some cases, administrators.


If you have any questions about the presentation you can email me ( or call my office phone (517) 353-2129.  Finally, I have included a link to my MSU and LinkedIn profiles at the end of this email (please connect with me on LinkedIn!).


If you have other colleagues who might be interested in viewing the webinar live please feel free to share this invitation/link (see below) with them. The webinar is free and registration is not necessary to participate.


Thank you for your time and interest!




Rural Job Creation Strategies: Collisions, Serendipity, and the Hybrid Vigor of Ideas Webinar

April 20th – 6 PM CST


·         Learn ways small towns are connecting their small businesses and would-be entrepreneurs with the support and network they need to be successful and create jobs.


·         Learn about business resource nights, networking events, backroom tours, and online courses you can take together. You’ll hear about actual small towns who are using these techniques right now.


An interactive webinar to learn where and how you can make connections. Program is recorded so you can register and catch it until May 5th.


Register at:


Cost - $20


NDSU Extension Center for Community Vitality is a co-sponsor of this event.


Glenn Muske

Rural and Agribusiness Enterprise Development Specialist

NDSU Extension Service – Community and Leadership Development


2718 Gateway Ave, #104 / Bismarck, ND  58504



“Supporting  entrepreneurs and their communities through education”




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