Friday, July 8, 2016

Do something with those empty lots downtown!


You know those empty lots downtown? It's time to put them to good use. We're co-sponsoring this webinar by SaveYour.Town to give you practical ideas and solutions other towns have used successfully to make empty lots into something useful. 


Don't you have a roofless building in your downtown, too? Either one that burned or the roof just fell in because of disrepair? Well, you'll get ideas for those, too. More examples of real places that found an answer. 


Bocce ball courts, beaches, beer gardens... I can't wait to hear these stories! 


I hope you'll join us. The live webinar is Tuesday July 12, 6pm Central time. The recorded replay will be available July 13-26, anytime on demand. The cost is $20. 


You can gather a group of people (maybe empty lot owners!) to join you and watch together either live or for a replay any time that works for you. 


If you are ready to register go straight here: 


If you still have questions, go here for more details: 


Dave Shideler


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Department of Agricultural Economics

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