Tuesday, September 6, 2016

People too closed to new ideas?

You know how some small town people are just too closed to new ideas? Wouldn't it be great if you could open them up to be idea friendly? We're co-sponsoring this webinar by SaveYour.Town to give you research and practical ideas and solutions that help change some attitudes!  


Too often, the Committee of Negativity shoots down every idea they hear with those old hits, "We tried that once" and "That's not how we do things here." How do you start making good things happen? Learn the practical steps you can take to change attitudes, draw a crowd of supporters, improve the environment and create more connections, no matter what the pessimists say or do.


If you've been struggling with getting your ideas to happen, then together we'll work through the process to make your town more Idea Friendly. We'll show you how to Gather Your Crowd, Make Connections and Take Small Steps. It all adds up to creating the kind of town you want to live in.


I hope you'll join us. The live webinar is Wednesday, September 7, 6pm Central time. The recorded replay will be available September 8-21, anytime on demand. The cost is $20. 


You can gather a group of people (positive, open-minded people!) to join you and watch together either live or for a replay any time that works for you. 


If you are ready to register go straight here: https://saveyour.town/checkout/?product_id=2131


If you still have questions, go here for more details: http://saveyour.town/big-ideas/



Special thoughts for Tourism folks: 

Your small town tourism pros and their business partners face this same problem! The ideas they're promoting are just like everyone's ideas in small towns: vulnerable to being torn apart in public by the naysayers and haters. We'd love to help them change attitudes and build some "bridging social capital" they can use to make good things happen. 




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