Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bringing Life Downtown After Hours: Arts, Shopping, Culture After 5 (a webinar)


Stores say: "We'll stay open later when enough people come downtown to make it worth our time."

Customers say: "We'll come downtown later when enough stores stay open late to make it worth our time."


How can you solve the paradox? We're proud to share that SaveYour.Town is presenting a broadcast focused on exactly this issue specifically for small towns, with the recording available only through November 2. 


Being open evening hours is not just a matter of extending store hours. It is more like opening a whole different store with different customers. Becky McCray and Deb Brown be sharing ideas and examples from real small towns. Deb will share from her experience as a Chamber of Commerce director, and Becky will share from her perspective as a business owner in a small town. 


Get more details and register here: http://saveyour.town/webinar-downtown-5/ 



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