Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Who's in charge here? How to deal with chaos and the future

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Chaos is the subject as Becky McCray and Deb Brown of SaveYour.Town host their November webinar. We encourage you to attend live on Tuesday, November 14 at 12 noon Central Time or on replay through December 14. You can use this summary provided by Becky and Deb to publicize your local watch party on social media, in your newsletter or in your local paper.


Won’t it just turn into Chaos? Who’s in charge now? Join us for a webinar to address how things get done today


Being open to new people and new ideas can feel like total chaos! How are we supposed to get anything important done if everyone does their own thing? Won't I look silly if I don't know about everything that’s going on? What happens when people don't get along?  


The Idea Friendly behaviors sound chaotic: all ideas are welcome, no committee meetings, no one in charge, no one taking notes. Can these concepts actually work?


Small towns all over are using Idea Friendly concepts right now to get more done, with more involvement, and with less reliance on local government to do everything. It’s empowering everyday people to take action to create the kind of town they want, instead of waiting on “them” to do it.


The changes that took power away from the formal organizations and gave it to individuals have already happened. Rather than fight against that, smart organizations and communities embrace the chaos and let people try all their ideas. It’s the best way to find out what will work in your small town.” Becky McCray


Join us and learn why chaos is a good thing and how to survive in it. You’ll learn real steps you can take to make a difference and hear examples of things that work.


The live broadcast will be Tuesday, November 14, at 12 noon Central Time, and the replay will be available anytime November 14 through December 14. Register at: http://saveyour.town/chaos/


“Why not have a watch party? Invite your crowd to view the webinar, either live or in replay, and learn some small steps you can use right away.” Deb Brown


I hope you’ll take advantage of this webinar – they are great ways to bring about change in your community!


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