Monday, August 19, 2013

Asset-Based Community Development -- Registration Deadline 8/21!!

Just a reminder that the deadline for registrations for this workshop is Wednesday, August 21!


Do you see lots of potential in your communities but don’t know how to communicate and release it? Are you looking for programming ideas which build upon the strengths and assets of your target audiences? Do you want to learn about ways to engage the communities in your counties and empower them to make changes?


Asset-based community development is a philosophy of development that begins with what exists in the community or group and seeks to use those assets first in changing a community before looking to outside sources for money or resources. This workshop will help to understand how this approach to community development and programming is different than how many of us approach our programs/clients, and it will provide you with tools you can us in a variety of contexts:

·         Community assessments as a tool to identify community assets, engage community members and initiate dialog about important local issues;

·         Extension programs that are built around this philosophy, or can be used within this framework, which you can use in your counties;

·         Exposure to other organizations that have adopted this approach;

·         Data and information about the importance of assets to individuals and communities, and how to measure them.


Feel free to invite community members, local leaders, non-profit organizations to participate with us, as well!


To register, contact Cherie Shupert at 405-744-8792 or; the $15 registration fee can be paid at the door.



Assistant Professor and Community Development Specialist

Department of Agricultural Economics

Oklahoma State University

323 Ag Hall

Stillwater, OK 74078


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